Chefchaouen: Day Two…

It’s been pouring non-stop since we arrived so no painting today. But if it is still raining tomorrow I will paint from under a tarp in a restaurant. I made the arrangements this morning as we ate breakfast. The people are so warm here, unless you invade their privacy in the upper neighborhood. This I understand as it must be tiring to put up with the endless tourists marching through their streets looking in doorways, taking pictures — oh crap, I am talking about myself.

Here are a couple photos:

Where I will paint tomorrow.

Or here if it isn’t raining.

“Color cones” on a side street. That’s the blue the town is painted with. The thing which looks like a Smurf hat behind my head.

One of the many locals.

A perfume shop where my wife and friend’s wife went crazy. Stunning interior and much to smell.

And here are a few paintings which haven’t been posted yet. Windmills from the drive down to Granada, and a couple of Alhambra paintings. ONe evening, one morning when the weather started going south.

That’s all for now. Off to look for an Internet cafe.

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