In Granada…

Got in with my wife and friends about midnight. Left Madrid at 11 am, stopped in Toledo to walk through the city (It’s like Venice on a hill!), and then stopped on the way south to paint windmills — the kind Don Quixote tilted with in La Mancha.

The irony, me painting Cervantes’ windmills in Spain, and me also being from the Columbia Gorge, where wind farms are being planted like corn. And what did I see far off in the distance? Vestas’ massive wind turbines…

I am too tired to post pictures from the camera tonight so here are a few culled from ‘te internets’…

My view that welcomed me as we followed our host (on a scooter up into the Albicin. I will paint this while I am here.

The Albicin. (google it.)

And those windmills, from the angle I painted. I’ll post the art tomorrow.

It’s 1:45 pm my time so good night.


Posted on the road from my iPad

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One Response to In Granada…

  1. Alicia says:

    Hi Thomas!Have been to the windmills a few times, the picture brings back memories (a nephew was married in the castle). I saw that you are off to Southern Spain. Hope you have rain boots/umbrella… and maybe a submarine. Seriously though, be safe. Hope the weather turns around for you to paint.Alicia

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