In Madrid…

You know it has been a long day of travel when you actually see two sunrises before you get to your destination. Finally settled into the La Latina district in Madrid. Hope to paint tomorrow morning. The streets were a crush tonight

A nice thing, turns out there was an art supply store right next to my rental. Where I could pick up some solvente inodoro o trementina. Very old-school. Wish I had a shop like it at home. Way cooler than any Dick Blick…


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3 Responses to In Madrid…

  1. B Boylan says:

    Spiffy art store there Thomas. Nice that is was so conveniently located too. Looks like your cafe' would make for great people watching. Eat it up! Ciao.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Brenda, the shop assistant spoke no English and I very little Spanish. But we worked it out, although she wasn't happy with me opening up the bottles and sniffing the contents for verification. So I quit doing that (grin).It's 5:30 am here and I am up getting ready for the morning. A little painting then off to Museo de Sorolla and the Prado.The night scene here in Madrid is unbelievable. There are people still out in the streets, but heading home after an evening of tapas and bar hopping. I now get the siesta…

  3. Agreed…that does NOT look like Dick Blick.Salut!

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