OutdoorPainter.com Highlights ‘Moi’…

The Heck with the Oscars!™
Because for just today it’s all about me at
(My Outdoor Painter acceptance speech)
“I want to thank my beautiful wife, without whom I could not have done any of this; my handsome son who still talks to me at the dinner table; my sweet precious little dog who’s always happy to see me come home from the studio because it must mean it is dinner-time; my mom and dad and sister who never lost faith in me (except for that one time the family still won’t talk about…); the few friends I still have left; any number of gallery owners who foolishly pinned their hopes on me over the past 28 years; my erstwhile lawn-guy and his unlicensed mortgage broker – hey wait, NOOOO! That isn’t the music starting up yet, is it? – Oh my gosh… My nice neighbors who have never once complained about my odd working hours or about that time I laid down in the middle of our road in my bathrobe while the school bus went by – and wait, wait, NO!… I can’t leave out the guy who installed my dishwasher last week, and, and, and most certainly not the pizza-delivery boy who smuggled art supplies to me every week while I was on the inside!…
Oh jeez, they’re coming out from the back stage for me. Gotta go everyone! (grin)
But really, a heartfelt thanks to PleinAir Magazine!™ 
Thanks for promoting plein air work everywhere!
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6 Responses to OutdoorPainter.com Highlights ‘Moi’…

  1. Eric Bowman says:

    Congratulations Thomas! (but don't be so modest)…

  2. Congratulations! You and your work are well deserving of it! Looking forward to learning more from you in 2012! Oh, the bathrobe thing sounds like something I would do to embarrass my kids ;-)ScottArtist in Disguise

  3. Congratulations, Thomas….excellent article! Love the paintings they featured too!

  4. B Boylan says:

    You forgot to mention the plumber who kept things flowing!Really, this is great news and such a fun post to read, it makes me thrilled to think I even know you! LOL!

  5. G. Lindwood says:

    'Way to go, Thomas! A well deserved article about a heck of a great painter and a heck of a good guy.

  6. Arthur Oster says:

    Masha pabien (= congratulations) from Curacao! Hope to see you back soon.Arthur Oster

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