2011 Laguna, Day One…

Today the competition starts. We began with a QuickDraw, starting at 11:00 am. Never the best light to paint in. I painted the ‘Rockpile’, down below the Laguna Art Museum . Its a local surfing break, although the waves weren’t doing their thing at the time. It was high tide. Here is a quick snap:

Then, a quick bite with friends and off the Corona del Mar to paint another rock pile during tonight’s sunset. I liked the outcome but need to work on my waves. There is an anatomy, a structure to a wave I haven’t locked onto yet. Always something to learn, eh?

Man, the weather is better than last year.

Good night!


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3 Responses to 2011 Laguna, Day One…

  1. Thomas Kitts says:

    Oh, right. Gloucester easel. Can't blame the spell checker on that one.T

  2. Randy Saffle says:

    Wow, Are you ever at home? How many paintouts have you attended this year?Great painting by the way!

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