Laguna Beach 2011

Too tired to post. Two paintings today.

Here is a video shot by Nile, from Southern Ireland this morning:

Painting the Mission San Juan Capistrano. The original stone and adobe basilica. Destroyed in 1812 by an earthquake. Something to see first hand. Words cannot describe it. Fifty years to build, fifty seconds to fall. Still magnificent…


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5 Responses to Laguna Beach 2011

  1. Mary Byrom says:

    Whew…you are painting with the sun on your easel and palette. That's brutal. Horrible on my eyes for values and judging colors… What will the colors in this painting look like in indoor lighting? Or are you adjusting as you go ?

  2. B Boylan says:

    Lookie you, you have a new easel! Gloucester? Howz it working for the trip?Capistrano is a beautiful mission, sparrows, tropical flowers, yeah, I remember it well. And the painting looks fab! Knock em dead Thomas!

  3. Thomas Kitts says:

    Mary: been painting in direct sun fir years so I have become acustomed to it. If I paint in the shard I tend to flatten my values. But I do try to anticipate what the painting will look like indoors.Brenda, that's Michael Orwick's Chinese knock-off of a glouster easel, the Beauport. Works pretty well and I am starting to figure out how to set it up quickly. I do like the way it hold a larger palette, something I need to be able to work larger outdoors.Thanks Michael for loaning it to me. I owe you several beers. Or wine if you prefer…

  4. Thomas Kitts says:

    Gawd I hate Applez spell chek. It make mee luk stoopid….ha!

  5. Randy Saffle says:

    Love how much light you found in the shadows. Look forward to seeing a larger view of it.

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