Telluride, Day 5…

Me doing the QuickDraw. Painted the courthouse from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. There were some very good paintings in the competition.

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4 Responses to Telluride, Day 5…

  1. Mary Byrom says:

    I can't believe you are painting with the sun on your canvas and a moving shadow of a flag on your palette! No room to turn the easel around?

  2. Thomas Kitts says:

    HI Mary. Thanks for the comment.Yes, it did turn out to be a problem. Originally, I had set up in the shadow cast by the building behind me with the expectation that the sun would come out from behind and illuminate the painting, but the sun ended up coming out from behind a flag while I worked. And the flag was blowing around. My painting angle was such I could not swivel or move without changing the scene too much so I had to deal with it.Still, I ended up with a strong quickdraw. Or so everyone said. T

  3. Randy Saffle says:

    Thomas, I was lucky enough to meet you during the quickdraw and witness that your painting was very strong indeed. My wife and I both, enjoyed talking with you. I am more than impressed with your Blog and works and I hope the sale went well for you too.I will send you some pictures from the event for you to see asap.

  4. Thomas Kitts says:

    Thanks Randy for the promised photos. I hope we will meet again someday and perhaps even have a chance to paint together. Perhaps in your part of the world, Texas…T

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