The Los Gatos 2011 Plein Air Paintings…

And here they are. Despite the deluge it was a great show, a fine turnout, and a lot of artwork was bought.

“Valley of the Heart’s Desire”  | 16 x 20 | oil on linen
What Santa Cruz Valley was called back in the Twenties. This is the view above Saratoga, near Mountain Winery. A ‘2-evening’ painting…
“California Idyl”  | 12 x 12 | oil on linen
A horse stable built in 1883, up at Garrod Riding Stables, The barn is still in use.
That’s “Sassy Pants” hiding behind the tree. She was a nice mare, but a little shy of strange painters.
“Eucalyptus Morning”  | 16 x 20 | oil on linen
A lovely stand of Eucalyptus that can be found in Vasona Park, in downtown Los Gatos.
“Hole 14, La Rinconada Country Club.”  | 16 x 20 | oil on linen
This is the hole on the course club members love to hate. Many thanks to Rick for allowing me and three other plein air painters to set up out on the green. (And yes, Rick, we stood behind the trees whenever anyone teed off behind us…)
“The Golden Hour”  | 16 x 20 | oil on linen
Again, in Vasona Park, near the reservoir dam, towards the northeastern end…
“University and Main, Looking towards Old Town”  | 16 x 20 | oil on linen
This is what kicked off the Los Gatos Old Town revival. That ‘Sur la Table’ on the left.
“Waiting for Dinner”  | 12 x 9 | oil on linen
I found this silver ghost inside the 1883 stable waiting to be fed. He gave me the stink-eye the whole time I was painting him. I hear he bites.
Telluride next . . .

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6 Responses to The Los Gatos 2011 Plein Air Paintings…

  1. I particularly love Valley of the Heart's Desire… beautiful atmosphere, mountains in the distance and the middle ground is really lovely– the colors and brushstrokes give just the right amount of variety to imply detail without fussiness. nice.

  2. Thomas Kitts says:

    Thanks Rachel. "Valley" was a favorite of mine as well. Showed it at the collector's gala, the night before the public sale, but the painting was hung too low for attendees to see well. The next day, a collector tracked me down and asked if it was still available. (I wasn't showing it in the general show but had it out in the Jeep.) So it got purchased anyway.Everyone happy.

  3. Don Bishop says:

    Nice batch of paintings Thomas, you really kicked them out!

  4. Thomas Kitts says:

    Thanks Don. I like how you put it. "Kicked them out" Gonna have to steal that…Currently inventorying stuff for Telluride. Logistics: my least favorite part of this nutty biz…

  5. fantastic group of paintings! love love love them!

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