Because It’s All About Me, Right?…

I both love and hate this blogging thing…

It gives me an opportunity to share things as they happen, or as they almost happen, so they can feel fresh for you. But then, all this blogging means I’m sitting in front of a computer instead of an easel. Not good.

C’est la vie, eh?

And I’m not exactly Ashton Kutcher am I? Not even close. So I can’t farm out my social media push to some off-shore firm. My personal limit to all this stuff is that I won’t tweet. That’s too far, if you ask me. Kill me if I start tweeting. Before my wife does…

Here is a tidbit: I was interviewed last night by a free-lance reporter on behalf of Plein Air Magazine. Not fr a print article yet, but for the eNews blast they send out. That new media. We’ll see how much of the 90 minutes we spent on the phone together talking about stuff makes into her story. It certainly was enjoyable to talk to her because she had me laughing within minutes. (And don’t expect any dark secrets to be revealed. It’s a small story and she promised me she wasn’t an official member of the paparazzi. And if she said so, it must be true right? Besides, Aston gets all those stalkers anyway…) So, towards the end of the interview she tells me I got mentioned  in the San Jose Mercury News last week and that was how she found me, and heard of my next event. Go figure. The random connects that occur out in the world…

Here’s the article:

And here’s my little moment of fame. A brief flicker. A flash. Not quite fifteen minutes yet, but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. (Ha!)

Well-known plein air artist Thomas Kitts will be here, too. His paintings have been purchased by the Marriott Hotel chain, Kaiser Permanente and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation that is named for the Microsoft co-founder.

“Well-known plein air artist” indeed. I feel as though I’m still working on that, and always will. The facts in the quote are true, and boosted from my own site, but the shy understated Calvinistic attitude I had at the time (Ha!) discouraged me from shouting those collectors from the rooftop when it was hot news long ago.


Don’t forget, I’m off to Los Gatos Plein Air next week so visit ‘da blog’ often from May 29th on. Will try to post something every day. Maybe serious. Maybe silly. Dunno.

And maybe if we are both lucky we’ll read about me in something other than my own blog…



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2 Responses to Because It’s All About Me, Right?…

  1. Karen says:

    Just don't stop your blog when you are (more) famous; we would miss you!

  2. It's great to see you reaping rewards for your years of diligent hard work! Keep it up, Thomas! Many cheer you on, including me!

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