Testing a posting from my phone…

Just testing how to post to da blog with my phone.

Brenda Boylan and I caught a sunny day out at Catherine Creek in the Columbia Gorge. Weren’t many folks out yet but we still attracted a crowd.

Was a nice day out but my painting wasn’t much to write home about.

Can’t wait to get own to California…


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4 Responses to Testing a posting from my phone…

  1. yeah yeah one of your so so paintings is somebody else's really good painting. Looks like it was a very nice day!

  2. Thomas Kitts says:

    Were it so, Celeste. If only. Let's just say the painting didn't live up to the subject matter, of distance hills and wildflowers. Wasn't bad enough for me to pitch a hissy-fit, but wasn't my best of the week either. Definitely a scraper.But hey, it was still a fine day to be out. Better than sitting in front of a computer.

  3. B Boylan says:

    Mr T, you can blame me for the time constraint with your painting. Had I given us just 1 more hour, it may have been resolved. Oh well. Nice to see your iphone worked! Now you can post updates while on your tour! Yeah!

  4. Thomas Kitts says:

    Brenda, absolutely no blame on you. I think one more hour would have only made things worse. I should have stopped an hour before we left. At some point around then I started chasing the light, instead of capturing it, and as you know from your own experience that is always a bad thing for a plein air painter to do…And your first pastel was a nice one!T

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