A fine Quote from Don Quixote . . .

No, perhaps not so much a fine quote, but more of a fine passage; illustrating the necessity of thinking critically whenever we experience a work of art . . .  

Honore Daumier
I’ll lay a bet,” said Sancho, “that before long there won’t be a tavern, roadside inn, hostelry, or barber’s shop where the story of our doings won’t be painted up; but I’d like it painted by the hand of a better painter than painted these.” 

“Thou art right, Sancho,” said Don Quixote, “for this painter is like Orbaneja, a painter there was at Ubeda, who when they asked him what he was painting, used to say, ‘Whatever it may turn out; and if he chanced to paint a cock he would write under it, ‘This is a cock,’ for fear they might think it was a fox.

             – Miguel de Cervantes, from Don Quixote

True Dat. We must always remain vigilant against artists who mangle cocks into foxes . . . 


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One Response to A fine Quote from Don Quixote . . .

  1. ah yes….the descriptive title…I've been known to write the words of my subject in my sketchbook…in a Orbaneja manner…! haha

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