Wednesday, Laguna

Yesterday was a 1 and 1/2 painting day.

Reason was, we had a puckish fog rolling in and out all morning so the light kept changing. I gave up around noon and went to lunch with John Burton. Afterwards he went to look for another spot with sun and I set out to do the same. Then I thought, why not just scrape the morning painting and use its ‘bones’ to lay in fresh color? Had to start something new anyway, so why not?

Well, I succeeded at pulling the painting back from the edge and learned a good lesson while doing it.

The photo above shows the painting halfway through on my first try.

My second painting of the day, the 1/2, was a total train wreck. Went up into the canyon with less than an hour of light left and, well, there wasn’t enough light left. But if that is the only train wreck of the week then I am happy.

The day ended with an artist mixer in a local collector’s home. Every inch of wall space was covered with stunning (living) painters. Excepting the Emile Grupe, of course. Schmids, Burdicks, Budicins and so on. Large and small. Was difficult to talk to anyone at the party due to all the art on the walls.

Today is the last full day of painting so I’ll shoot for three despite the weather.

Off to work now…


– Postedfrom the field

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