It os Tuesday and I am starting to feel the exhaustion. These events wear you out.

Went up the the ‘Top of the World’ to knock out a Californian canyon painting. It was foggy so I ended up with a muted painting.

Then I finished up a previous day’s painting after the fog rolled out.

Later in the day I went out to Back Bay near Newport to paint an estuary. While there a couple came by to release a red shoulder hawk and owl that had been nursed back to health. Both were beautiful birds. Here is the owl taking off.


After that, dinner with a long-term collector. He invited his interior designer to dine as well so she could be introduced to my work. Afterwards I drove back to my host’s home and crawled into bed.

Going to paint a foggy beach scene next. Currently have ten paintings in the bag but want sixteen to choose from for the museum.

Time to go to work…


– Posted from the field

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  1. Mary says:

    It's fun to see your photos of the area. Not only is Laguna Beach my old stomping ground, but I lived on Newport Beach's back bay for several years. I'm looking forward to seeing all your paintings.

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