What You Need for Painting . . .

From a Letter by Renoir
Flake White
Chrome yellow
Naples yellow
Yellow ochre
Raw umber
Venetian red
French vermillion
Madder lake
Rose madder
Cobalt blue
Ultramarine blue
Emerald green
Ivory Black
Raw sienna
Viridian green
White lead
Palette knife
Scraping knife
Essence of turpentine
Pointed marten-hair brushes
Flat hog-hair brushes
Indifference to everything except your canvas.
The ability to work like a locomotive.
An iron will.
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2 Responses to What You Need for Painting . . .

  1. Good one from my favorite impressionist!

  2. Thomas Kitts says:

    Yes, that list was given to me by another artist years ago. Long before you and I met.My favorite part is work like a locomotive.T

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