My Portland Plein Air Workshop Is Now In Session…

For the next five days it stops being all about ‘me’, and becomes all about the ten students who’ve signed up for my Portland-area Plein Air Workshop. Have fun everyone else.

We’ll be painting in and around the city, learning a lot, and enjoying ourselves too!


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3 Responses to My Portland Plein Air Workshop Is Now In Session…

  1. looking forward to seeing what goes on!

  2. john foyston says:

    It was about the most informative, and fun week I've ever spent. I was hestitant to take the plein air plunge and Thomas was a great guide as well as an inspiration. I'm a much better — and much more humble — painter after those five days. Absolutely the best $400 I've ever spent and I will certainly enroll in future TJK workshops…and from where the sun now stands, I will never use even the teensiest drop shadow on any signature, now will I show Thos. such old paintings as may have that sort of signature…

  3. Thomas Kitts says:

    Thanks, John. I had a terrific time working with you too! I look forward to seeing how your paintings progress, and the odd pint or two as well.T

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