Essential Oil Techniques Workshop . . .

Yesterday I held a 1-day workshop indoors titled, “Oil Painting Essentials”. 
We spent the day focused upon a few of the basics issues every oil painter needs to know, plus I offered a grounding in composition and color. I am always surprised at how often we need to review the basic issues of image-making (me too) and it always feels good to go over it all again. Painting may not be rocket science or brain surgery but there is a lot we artists must track as we work, so revisiting the basics every now and again can be refreshing.
I had a great group to work with and everyone produced a solid painting. A successful experience of everyone all round.
I want to thank both Oregon Society of Artists and Art Media for supplying the space and providing the opportunity, and Gamblin Colors for supplying the paint and other materials. 
Here are a few more photos of the workshop:
Discussing value and color breaks with Steve.
Watching Sandra lay the paint down.
‘Splaining the Color Solid and mixing color to Lisa.
Putting my brush where my mouth is on Steve’s painting.
The final work:
(Minus Steve’s artwork as he needed to 
duck out to pick up his son.)
Sandra’s painting.
Constance’s painting.
Cheryl’s painting.
Lisa’s painting.
Congratulations everyone. Good work!
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