Tomorrow I Paint . . .

Arrived in Sonoma yesterday afternoon. Spent the day scouting the county before the Plein Air Invitational starts tomorrow. No work today. Just traveling around searching out things to paint. And thinking about painting. And looking a color. My sister and brother-in-law, who live in Santa Rosa, were my tour guide.

View from Gloria Ferrer Winery
Jack London’s living room, on top of Mt. Sonoma
Calla Lillies in Jack London’s living room.
Plowing demonstration at London’s home.
The Bodega schoolhouse, near Bodega Bay. This is the actual schoolhouse Hitchcock’s used as a set in his film, “The Birds”. Here is a frickin’ small world story: my great-aunt Mamie, on my mother’s side, taught at this school house sometime during the ’30s. Her classroom was on the first floor, left of the entrance, above the car hood in the photo. That was the same classroom which appeared in the film with the kids and the birds! Sheesh! What a coincidence.
The church in the film, with the schoolhouse in the background.
Goat Rock, near Bodega Bay, a guy was setting up to launch himself over the cliff and into the air. (Note the paraglider already in the air.)
Lift Off! (maybe)
Nope. Lift off aborted. Parasail kept being inverted by errant gusts. Launch definitely aborted when the older (and let us say much wiser) old man on the right started packing everything up and carrying it all back to the van. 
Smart guy, that old dog.
And finally . . .
The quaint kind of subjects I get to paint for the next five days!
Check back tomorrow evening (late) for some actual paintings.
60% chance of rain in the forecast, but heck, I’m from Oregon. What’s a little wet when outside painting?
Can’t wait.
Oh wait, there’s more . . . !
(scroll down)
My fabulous tour guides caught snoggin’ in front of Jack London’s home . . .
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