Wildlife in the Ex-urbs . . .

Chased off my painting site by the three steer you can see in the background. I was just to the left of the brown cow in this photo. This was same place I worked yesterday afternoon and I wanted another hour or so to make a couple more changes. The 1800 pounds of meat on the hoof came thundering down the hillside at me from the upper field when they heard me open the gate. Or when they saw me. Whatever. They must have thought it was dinner time and I was the maitre de. They also brought about twenty sheep with them who were clearly enjoying the fun. A regular bunch of ‘Babes’ on steroids. Everyone was running at me converging on my spot. Not my favorite moment. Was going to try and ignore them all and just go back to work, but every time I turned to my easel the crowd pressed in. Then biggest black steer with the evil looking horns (center of photo) kept coming closer looking kinda pissed about not getting dinner. Decided to bail when he began to circle me in an ever shrinking spiral. Ala Pamplona.

Yesterday the farmer told me he’d keep the gate to the upper paddock closed. I know I told him I’d be back today so he was expecting me. Guess he was pranking the artist. What a sense of humor, eh?

I gotta find another place to paint.


– Posted from the field

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One Response to Wildlife in the Ex-urbs . . .

  1. Julie Forbes says:

    Thomas, you should seriously consider coming out to paint at my house. I'm now living on 35 acres in the foothills of the Coast Range, west of Dallas. Nice mixed view of pasture, evergreens, pond, next-door-neighbor's funky red barn, some sheep, an occasional wild turkey flock, a big black Lab, and my one-and-a-half horses who, I promise, will not chase you (or at least not very far). They don't have horns, either. Seriously, give it some thought. It'd be great to see you again.

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