Nice Day to Paint…

Hmmm. The Little White Church in Sellwood: Day 2. Gotta be careful. This one is sliding dangerously towards, “The Artist Who Must Remain Unnamed” territory.

Number of times I was told by a passerby they knew someone who had been married the church: 5

One weird thing while I was working: about two hours in, I looked up from my painting and saw there was a Druid — or, some other big long haired and bearded fellow in a white robe standing out on the edge of the lawn, repeatedly raising a large wooden staff high into the air and turning in all directions. Not what you expect to see come out of a little church like this.

Go figure.


– Posted from the field

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2 Responses to Nice Day to Paint…

  1. Great looking painting! Enjoyed the narrative too!

  2. Thomas Kitts says:

    Thanks. Working on it some more, to correct some architectural problem in the image, and pull it out from the "cutsie-wootsie" direction it was sliding towards. (Hard to avoid with this subject, and specifically why I chose it. Wanted the challenge.) Then I'll destroy some edges to make it less of a portrait of a church, and more of a painting again.I'll post the final here next week when the sun comes back.Nice seeing you and the other PPAP&SP'ers last night at the gallery!T

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